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Bags are the ultimate accessory, they always fit and are the finishing touch on any outfit. MEW Designs makes quirky bags for fun people, starting with as many Australian made and sourced raw materials, adding in Michelle’s love of design and pattern making and a splash of fun and colour.

Working from a Brisbane, Australia studio Michelle is all about creating quirky accessories she hopes will make the wearer feel powerful. She loves mixing colour and incorporating prints into creations that are functional for modern lifestyles. Michelle has been creating since childhood in a variety of mediums and has finally discovered how to bring it all together after studying Fashion.

One of the most used materials in kangaroo leather, made by a factory right here in South East Queensland. This amazing product is much stronger than other leathers while being thin so is perfect for bags. It is a byproduct of other industries, and the factory follows best practice in both process as well as allowing customers to purchase end of runs, production errors and even some hides that while not perfect, are perfect for creating unique bags.