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The Carson Clutch

The Carson Clutch is another choose your own adventure pattern, with three sizes (Mini, Midi and Maxi) as well as an optional wristlet and ring connector on one side, or cross body with two connectors on each side. Plus there is a hand-strap if you’re prefer no connectors and a sleek finished look.

It’s self faced – which means the zipper gets tucked in and you never have to worry about messy zipper ends!

Finished Size – these are approximate measurements:

  • Mini 15cm (6”) tall  x 24cm (9 1/2”) across  x 4cm deep (1 5/8”)
  • Midi 17cm (63/4”) tall x 33cm (13”)  across x 7cm (2 3/4”) deep
  • Maxi 20cm (8’) tall x 43cm (17”) across x 8cm (3 1/4”) deep

This clutch was inspired by the intertidal zone of beaches, and in particular the rockpools I played in on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) on holidays growing up. As the tide came in the waves would break closer and closer until eventually  all the rocks were underwater and it was time to head home. This reminded me of the work of Rachel Carson, a Marine Scientist who’s book Silent Spring has been credited for being influential in the creation of the global environmental movement. Published in 1962 it raised public awareness of the environmental impact of pesticides, and was met with huge opposition by chemical companies. If you’d like to know more you can read about the life and legacy of Rachel Carson on

Fabric and Hardware Requirements

  • Outer Fabric  – 112cm (44”) wide fabric
    Mini 50cm (20”)
    Midi 40cm (14”) 
    Maxi 35cm (17”) 
  • Lining Fabric – 112cm (44”) wide fabric
    Mini 55cm (22”)
    Midi 40cm (14”) 
    Maxi 35cm (17”) 
  • Woven interfacing  – 112cm (44”) wide 
    Mini 27cm (11”)
    Midi 35cm (14”)
    Maxi 43cm (17”)
  • Structure/Stabiliser H640/H630/Decovil/Foam/Batting – 90cm 35” wide
    Mini 30 cm (12”)
    Midi 25cm (10”)
    Maxi 20cm (8”)
  • Top Zipper Size 5 Zipper Tape and 1 Size 5 Zip Sliders
    Mini 27cm (11”)
    Midi 35cm (14”)
    Maxi 43cm (17”)
  • Zipper Pocket Size 5 zipper tape and 1 slider (if using a size 3/dress zipper cut a smaller zipper window)
    Mini 17cm (6 6/8”)
    Midi/Maxi 20cm (7 7/8”)

1 x 18mm Magnetic Snap

Optional Cross Body Strap

Add 10cm (4”) to the Main fabric requirement for the strap
2 x 25mm (1”) Swivel Snaps
1 x 25mm (1”) Slider
2 x 25mm (1”) Rectangle Rings / D Rings

Optional Wristlet
1 x 25mm (1”) Swivel Snap
1 x 25mm (1”) Rectangle Ring / D Ring