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Hedy Convertible Clutch

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The design for this pattern was based on the shape of a frame purse pattern. I liked the slightly vintage lines, but find frame purses can be tricky to get securely glued in place. This bag fits my trusty A5 bullet journal as I find that’s an essential to take with me. As with all designs from the MEW Designs Laboratory it’s been well tested to ensure it not only looks good, but works in real life. It’s not a huge bag, but I find that keeps me from adding and adding things until suddenly you realise you’ve got a full cutlery draw inside.

Picture showing four images of the same bag. Bag is made of purple leather and has a colourful print lining with lollies/candy. First image shows inside the bag, sencond the bag closed with the tabs snapped in place, third shows the shoulder strap attached and the fourth image has a A5 bullet journal, tube of lip gloss and small phone showing the size of the bag.
Hedy Convertible Bag by MEW Designs Australia

What makes this a very versatile pattern is that it can be used as a cross body with the strap longer, over the shoulder by shortening the strap or the strap can be taken off and the strap connectors clipped inside to make it a clutch. I like that I can grab the bag, not even unpack it, and it becomes an evening bag.

Hedy Lamarr has long been a woman that I deeply admired. Known mostly for her Hollywood glamour, she helped develop technology that would one day lead to wifi. In naming the pattern it was in part because it has a vintage glamour vibe, but also because it’s a practical pattern that it more than it looks on the surface.

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Image of a purse shown three ways, with a computer sketch of the design in the background
From sketches through to the finished product

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