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Hand Painted Leather Galaxy Inspired Nettie Clutch


The James Webb Space Telegraph has been huge news for a lot of the science writers and creators that I love to watch and read. I loved how excited they were at the early images and when I painted the leather I was inspired by those first new imagines of galaxies, that have layer upon layer of detail. As we build more and more powerful telescopes we see more and more detail in the same areas of space.

I matched the leather with a fun 100% cotton fabric lining that has planets and added a star shaped magnetic snap as a closure. The pattern for this clutch is my own design, it’s large enough for all the essentials on a night out.

Approximate measurements
28cm across
16cm High
3 – 4cm wide gusset

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The kangaroo leather is made in Australia, and the cotton lining fabric was sourced from an Australian business. Bags are designed and made in my MEW Designs Studio (also known as a laboratory) in Brisbane Australia.

As the leather has been hand painted it is more delicate and should be treated with care. Avoid abrasion or harsh chemicals. I have applied sealants to try and get the finish as sturdy as possible.

This clutch is named after Nettie Stevens, born in 1861 she began her career as a teacher having limited choices. She was determined to study biology and saved until she could afford to attend university at the age of 35. Her research career began when she was 39, and she went on to discovered the different combinations of X and Y chromosomes were responsible for sex determination, one of the key discoveries in the field of genetics. Sadly she passed away at 50, only 9 years after completing her Ph.D., however she published approximately 40 papers in that short time.


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