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Pink Leather Clutch with Kasey Rainbow Leopard Print Lining


Hot pink leather and Kasey Rainbow Blue Leopard – some of my all time favourite things! This amazing kangaroo leather was made in Australia and has a really unique texture, it’s rough to the touch rather than your usual smooth sealed chrome tan leathers. The pattern for this clutch is my own design and is perfect for a statement bag for a night out.

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The lining is 100% cotton blue leopard designed by the amazing Kasey Rainbow and purchased from the amazing team at Material Difference here in Brisbane.

Approximate measurements
20cm across
12.5cm High
3 – 4cm wide gusset
There is a silver coloured magnetic snap closure
The chain is 66 cm long x 6 mm wide, the total length including hooks is 72.5cm
There are two connectors at the sides to allow a strap to be connected, options are always fun!

This leather is an unusual finish and is more like a suede, and may scuff of stain. You can put a finish or protection on, however it’s best to check a small patch first (I’d recommend the base of very bottom of the gusset where it’s hidden just in case)

Every effort has been made to capture the colours correctly, they will look different on different screens and devices. If you are concerned about the colour feel free to message me.

Bags are designed and made in my MEW Designs Studio (also known as a laboratory) in Brisbane Australia.

This clutch design is named after Nettie Stevens, born in 1861 she began her career as a teacher having limited choices. She was determined to study biology and saved until she could afford to attend university at the age of 35. Her research career began when she was 39, and she went on to discovered the different combinations of X and Y chromosomes were responsible for sex determination, one of the key discoveries in the field of genetics. Sadly she passed away at 50, only 9 years after completing her Ph.D., however she published approximately 40 papers in that short time.


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