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Introducing the Admiral Grace Pattern

After a lot of prototyping, and testing my first PDF Pattern has been launched. The Admiral Grace Tote is designed with sewing leather on a domestic machine in mind. The lining fabric peeks over the edge, adding a fun pop of contrast (this can be adjusted to a more traditional finish). The Diamond Strap Anchors made straps easy, with no need to worry about sewing over bulky straps.

The inspiration for the shape of this pattern came during a discussion with the admin team in the 2021 Bag Making challenge group on Facebook, and took on a life of its own

The pattern is available to purchase

Free additional hacks are available

Slip Pocket
The Frack (adding a magnetic snap or a turn lock closure)

To help make your own creation, I’ve recorded some videos with hints, tips and tricks!

YouTube player
YouTube player
YouTube player

What’s in a name
Grace Hopper, who retired from the US Nave with the rank of Rear Admiral was a pioneering computer scientist. Mighty Girl has a great ‘Today in’ read . Grace Hoppers’ early work allowed programming in English rather than machine code, and she co-wrote COBAL among many other achievements.

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