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The Jerrie Bucket Bag – a PDF Pattern you can use to sew a quirky bucket bag, for intermediate and advanced bag makers (it needs accurate seams and some experience with sewing zips is recommended).

I originally drafted the pattern for thin (0.8 – 1mm) leather, it can be made in suitable vinyls or fully in fabric. This is a version of my original Jerrie Bag that I have adjusted so it’s easier to make on a domestic sewing machine. Jerrie Cobb was part of the group called “Mercury 13” , women who undertook the same testing as the first group of NASA Astronauts. NASA required that all their astronauts have jet fighter experience, and as the military did not allow women to fly, they were unable to meet this requirement. Jerrie always looked amazingly well put together and glamorous in photos.


Finished size:
25cm (97/8”) wide across the top
15cm (6”) wide across the base
20cm (8”) tall (approximate)

Hardware needed:

2 x 2.5cm (1”) Rectangle Rings
1 x 70cm (271/2”) size 5 Zipper Tape and Zipper pull (or cut down a longer zipper)
2 x Rivets (shank size will depend on materials used)
Optional Hardware 6 x purse feet

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Interfacing and Structure:
Woven fusible interfacing – 40cm (16”) 110cm (x44”) wide (you may need more if your interfacing is narrower)
Template Plastic / firm plastic 25cm (91/2”) x 5cm (2”)
Optional structure Fusible Foam/Decovil/ Bag Batting – 40cm (16”) (you may need more if your structure is narrower

Lining Fabric 40cm (16”) 112cm(44”) wide (you may need more for directional prints or if fussy cutting)
Outer Fabric 40 cm (16”) 112cm(44”) wide (you may need more for directional prints or if fussy cutting)
Outer Leather 0.42 m2 (4.5ft2) approx depending on leather shape, or equivalent for leather like materials – vinyl, leatherette, cork, kraft-tex, faux leather ect

Bias Binding 74cm (29”) 25mm (1”) double fold (cut 5cm (2”) wide if cutting your own)

Optional Adjustable strap
2 x 2.5cm (1”) swivel Snap
1 x 2.5cm(1”) Slider
Additional 10cm (4”) for adjustable strap for wide fabric, add 20cm (8”) for narrow fabrics
Additional 20cm (8”) woven Fusible Interfacing

This PDF digital download contains the following:
– Detailed instructions how to construct including illustrations
– Printable Pattern Pieces

Physical items made using this pattern may be sold in on a small-scale basis, it can not be used for commercial production. Please consider crediting MEW Designs with a link back to my online shop to allow others to find the pattern, and help me make more patterns. Mass production, re-sale and any sort of distribution of pattern pieces or the pattern instructions is prohibited. Michelle Walsh of MEW Designs retains copyright.