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The original large size bag design was inspired by Marie Curie, I imagined and considered what she would need in a bag. Papers, a diary, a laptop and all the essentials will fit in this bag. I added the smaller ‘mini’ size, as this still in a practical bag size. It has boxed corners at the base to give it plenty of room and space.

The pattern offers options, it’s a choose your own adventure:

  • Size! There are two sizes included in this pattern
  • Gather Panel – if you don’t want to have a gather panel, or you want to use the leather overlay on the base, cut two back main body pieces (and don’t cut the gather panel or the top panel)
  • Base Leather Overlay – best suited without the gather panel, great for a leather base and fun material on top. Use a material that doesn’t fray as the edge will be left raw
  • Centre Zipper Divider Pocket – added inside – awesome storage, especially on the large size tote

41cm (161/8”) wide at the top
28cm (11”) tall on the side seam
10cm wide (4”) at the base
36cm (141/4”) wide at the top
23cm (91/8”) tall on the side seam
8cm (31/8”) wide at the base

A graphic with line drawings of the variants of the Marie Tote

Hardware needed:

For the Internal Zipper Pocket
Size 3 dress zipper (or if using size 5 make the zipper window larger to fit)
Large 20cm (8”) zipper (or cut zipper by the meter to 25cm (9 “))
Mini/Small 15cm (6”) zipper (or cut zipper by the meter to 20cm (8 “))

Fabric Large Size
External/Outer Fabric 70cm (27”) x 112cm (44”) wide
Lining Fabric – 50cm (20”) x 112cm (44”) wide

Fabric Small/Mini Size
External/Outer Fabric 50cm (27”) x 112cm (44”) wide
Lining Fabric – 30cm (20”) x 112cm (44”) wide

Bag Batting/Foam 80cm (31”) Wide [you will need more for narrow widths]
Large 35cm (14”)
Small/Mini 30cm (12”) (double the amount for narrow products like Peltex 70/ Stiff Stuff Sew-In)

Optional Zipper Divider Pocket
Large 30cm (12”) 45cm (18”) Size 5 zipper
Fabric x 112cm (44”) wide
Mini/Small 25cm (10”) 40cm (16”) Size 5 zipper
Fabric x 112cm (44”) wide

Optional leather/vinyl Overlay – measurements are slightly larger to allow for placement
Large 45cm (18”) x 25cm (10”)
Mini/Small 40cm (16”) x 20cm (8”)

This PDF digital download contains the following:
– Detailed instructions how to construct including illustrations
– Printable Pattern Pieces

Physical items made using this pattern may be sold in on a small-scale basis, it can not be used for commercial production. Please consider crediting MEW Designs with a link back to my online shop to allow others to find the pattern, and help me make more patterns. Mass production, re-sale and any sort of distribution of pattern pieces or the pattern instructions is prohibited. Michelle Walsh of MEW Designs retains copyright.